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Indoor Hockey

Indoor hockey is played during the field hockey off - season from October - March. Indoor is played on smaller, indoor courts which means it’s faster, more touches, more exciting and safer.

Hockey Queensland run State Championships for indoor hockey through November and December from U13 - Masters.

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Indoor field hockey, or indoor hockey, is an indoor variant of “traditional” outdoor field hockey. It is not to be confused with other indoor hockey variants such as rink hockey or floorball, which are not related to regular hockey.

It is traditionally and mainly played as a pastime by outdoor field hockey players during the off-season, when outdoor pitches are frozen or, alternatively, when conditions are too hot for outdoor play. It is an excellent way to improve fitness and stick skills because of its intensity and the smaller space it is played in.

Indoor hockey differs from outdoor hockey in a number of ways. There are fewer players in an indoor hockey team with teams comprising a maximum of 12 players with only five, including the goalkeeper, allowed on the pitch at any one time and up to seven substitutes. The field of play is much smaller, a hard surface in a sports hall or similar venue, with boards along the sidelines that prevent the ball from going out of play at the side.

Hockey Queensland competitions follow the FIH Indoor Rules 

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Hockey Australia’s national accreditation training program is known as HockeyEd. To access the indoor accreditation programs click the relevant links.

Indoor Umpire - CLICK HERE

Community Indoor Umpire
Developing - Pathway Umpire (Indoor L1)
Talent - Specialist Umpire (Indoor L2)
Perform - Elite Umpire (Indoor L3)

Indoor Coach - CLICK HERE

Developing - Pathway Coach (Indoor L1)
Talent - Specialist Coach (Indoor L2)

The Hockey Queensland Indoor Committee regularly publish training and game resources on the Hockey QLD - Indoor Facebook Page. 

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Winning Corners

"Winning with Corners" is an Indoor Hockey Webinar presented by Australian Men's Indoor Hockey Head Coach, Steve Willer, on 13 March 2021.



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Dion Harle 11/6/20 CLICK HERE 

Lyn Tucker 18/6/20 CLICK HERE

Rhylee Pendrigh 2/7/20 CLICK HERE

Troy Rossiter 9/7/20 CLICK HERE

Tony Mills 16/7/2020 CLICK HERE

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CLICK HERE for Hockey Queensland Selection Policy - This Selection Policy covers both Outdoor and Indoor

2022 Australian Squad Members

FIH Hockey Indoor World Cup to be held in Pretoria, South Africa from 5-11 February 2023.

Josh Blakey
Josh Mcpaul
Jackson Willie

Aymee Dowell
Annelyse Tevant 

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2021 Australian Squad Members

Australian Men and Women Indoor World Cup squad members
Jared Taylor, Troy Rossiter, Jackson Willie, Aidan Campbell
Aymee Dowell, Holly Gilbar, Eden Jackat, Nicole Yearbury

U21 Teams
Connor Yates
Monique Brummer

U21 Unavailable Players
Ben Edwards, Kaleb Christensen, Jess Staples (injured)

U18 Squads
Diarmid Chappell, Steve Collins, Ryley Kroning, Dylan Pemberton, Bryce Robinson, Clayton Evans, Matthew West, Sean Dodd
Ella White

U18 Unavailable Players
Zac Profke
Jess Moffat (injured), Anniston Chappell (medical reasons)


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