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Technical Officiating


HQ Officiating Calendar 2024


Technical Mentor Program

All Candidates for Level 1 and Level 2 assessment shall be available to officiate for the duration of the tournament, with the provision that some latitude may be allowed if there is a valid reason why the candidate cannot be present for a small percentage (not more than 20%) of the tournament (e.g. family illness or travel difficulties), however this does not include work commitments unless hardship can be demonstrated, and further that candidates are expected to apply for leave in good time to attend the tournament to be available for assessment and candidates must, unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior exemption is given, attend the Technical Meeting and preferably the Managers’ Meeting as well.







HQ Technical Official Panels

The HQ Technical Officials Panels List provides Qld Technical Officials information on the pathways of current Technical Officials, based on State, National and International Appointments.  This list is updated regularly as appointments and pathways for our Technical Officials are processed.  This list displays the progression from State Appointed Technical Officers to International Technical Officials.

If  you have any questions on your Technical Officiating pathway please email

Hockey Queensland Technical Officials Panels List (as at 17 July 2023)



HQ Technical Appointments

HQ Technical Appointments are made from EOIs submitted each year for both Outdoor and Indoor Tournaments and based on the HQ Appointments Criteria for Tournament Officials and Technical Panels.

HQ Championships Appointments Criteria (v Jan2022)

HQ State Championships Technical Appointments Outdoor 2023

HQ State Championships Technical Appointments Indoor 2023



HQ Technical Assessor List

HQ Technical Assessor List is reviewed and updated annually as to the Assessor's currency and Accreditation status recorded in HockeyED.

HQ Technical Assessor List (as at February 2023)