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Australia has an outstanding record of developing excellent hockey coaches at all levels of the sport. Hockey Australia is committed to ensuring there continues to be appropriately qualified coaches at all levels of hockey. We are particularly focused on ensuring that a qualified coach coaches every junior team, helping to nurture a positive learning environment that is fun and encourages juniors to continue to play and learn hockey.

Whether you want to coach your club’s junior team or your ambition is to become a future coach of the Kookaburras or Hockeyroos, Hockey Australia’s Hockey Ed coaching education programs can help you achieve your goals. The Hockey Ed coaching education programs operate within the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

Over your career as a coach you will have the opportunity to progress through the levels.

What level of coaching accreditation do I require?
The following table describes a range of coaching activities and Hockey Australia’s recommendation for the Hockey Ed coaching accreditation for each of those activities. (Recommended Minimum Coaching Accreditation)

What’s involved in the programs?
The Hockey Ed programs are competency based and are designed to reflect the modern game and enhance the skills of hockey coaches. The programs focus on developing practical skills and self-development, ensuring coaches are better prepared to meet the demands of the game and the needs of the players.

The programs are delivered in a combination of formats including online learning, practical sessions, self-development activities and workshop training.

Who runs Hockey Ed coaching programs?
Foundation Support courses are available to complete online, Foundation Lead and Development  coaching programs are conducted under the auspice of the State or Territory. The Advanced level course is organised and conducted by Hockey Australia in conjunction with States or Territories.


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