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The purpose of the Talent Pathway programs in Queensland is to identify, develop, and provide players with clear opportunities and direction and to contribute to national team success.  The core business of each program is individual player development and case management.  

HQ also strives to maintain or increase the quality and success of Queensland teams in addition to the representation and contribution of Queensland players in Australian teams.  It is therefore essential that the program ensures appropriate identification and ongoing development of a pool of high-quality athletes to feed into, support, and provide upward pressure on state and national teams.

This Talent Pathway Program is a vitally important component to the achievement of HQ’s Strategic Plan and to the overall profile and health of hockey in Queensland.  

The overall aim of the Talent Pathway Program is to:

  • Clearly articulate the development pathway for all athletes aligning with the Hockey Australia Development Framework. 
  • Identify trends, risks and limiting factors that may impact the success of the implementation of the plan
  • Develop key performance indicators that align with the talent pathway goals of Hockey Queensland and integrate with the high performance goals of Hockey Australia 
  • provide processes for monitoring and review of the plan

This plan provides guidance to personnel responsible for implementing the plan and various program stakeholders that include:

  • Management and staff of HQ, HA & QAS
  • HQ Coaches and State Team Coaches
  • Regional Coaching Directors & Development Officers

HQ recognises and drives the following key components of the Talent Pathway Program. 

  • Leadership
  • Athlete Pathway
  • Daily Training Environment
  • Competition & Camps
  • Coaching
  • Research & Innovation


HQ would like to acknowledge the valuable support provided by Hockey Australia and the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) as key stakeholders and partners in HQ’s HP Program.


Hockey Australia FTEM

Hockey Australia, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), has developed a new framework to capture these different pathways and address the current shortfalls in applied research and practice specific to athlete development. It is called FTEM. FTEM (representing Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery) is a user-friendly framework of sporting development that is representative of the ‘whole of sport’ pathway continuum.