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HQ Officiating Calendar (updated 10th February 2024)

HA Umpiring Directions 2024

Umpire Mentor Program

  • Umpire Mentor List (currently being updated)


  • HQ Umpire Assessors List (currently being updated)

Umpiring Accreditation

Hockey Ed Umpire Accreditation levels & Hockey Queensland interim Assessment levels for Hockey Queensland umpires

You may be Practically Assessed in your local Association or at a Championship only by an approved Hockey Queensland Assessor. Either before or after a Practical Assessment has been undertaken at one of the above Levels, you will need to access HockeyEd and register as the appropriate accreditation level when a HA HockeyEd Accreditation for which you are being assessed as and complete the online component.

The HQ Accreditations provide additional levels of assessment and provides another step in the Umpiring Career Development Pathway and links with the HA Hockey Ed Accreditation Levels.

The HQ & HA Umpire Accreditation Levels - Required Criteria & Competencies document indentifies the criteria required to be met for Hockey Australia HockeyEd levels and the Hockey Queensland interim levels of accreditation.

Queensland and Australian Umpire Accreditation Levels - required criteria & compentencies (currently being updated June 2024)




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Hockey Australia Fitness Testing Requirements document (v2023)

This document provides guidelines and fitness requirements for FIH and HA National Panel Umpires.  These tests are carried out several times a year.  Any questions please contact Kerry Liebenberg via

Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 1 Description

Levels, Speeds and Accumulated distances for YY1R1

Qld Approved Witness/Supervisor List for Umpire Fitness Testing (vFeb2024)

Umpire Fitness Test Result form (2024)