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5th - 7th August 2022
State Hockey Centre,
400 Lytton Rd, Colmslie, Brisbane

Entry: FREE


The Big Hockey Hit Out (BHHO) is Queensland's most competitive event! Come and watch the best of the best and Queensland's rising stars fight it out for a shot at Brisbane Blaze selection, bragging rights, and a share in $4,000!

64 male and 64 female athletes are drafted into four teams - Thunder, Rays, Reef and Stingers - to compete in a round robin competition with finals played on Sunday.



No further correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection of the teams.


 Blake Wotherspoon
 Hayden Michel
 Hayden Pease
 Isaac Layton
 Jack Tucker
 Joel Rintala
 Joshua Mynott
 Joshua Raines
 Matthew West
 Roy Tucker
 Ryley Stevens
 Shu Sugio
 Will Mathison
 William Ready
 Zac Profke
Jéan Pienaar

Coach: Anthony Farry


 Angus Sinclair
 Brayden Naess
 Diarmid Chappell
 Elliot Dale
 Joshua Nixon
 Kyan Murphy
 Lucas Brown
 Max Harding
 Mitchell Nicholson
 Noah Fahy
 Reilly Newberry
 Rhys Stenzel
 Ryley Kroning
 Samuel Aitkenhead
 Scott Boyde
 Tom Campbell

Coach: Blair Brown


 Aaron Weiss
 Brock Christensen
 Edward Westcott
 Elijah Mathewson
 Ethan White
 Jared Taylor
 Jordan Riesen
 Joseph Sandor
 Liam Hart
 Michael Doan
 Mitchell Ivory
 Nicolaas Smith
 Oliver Harding
 Ryan Wilcox
 Tyler Arundell
 William Powell

Coach: Ben Fitzpatrick


 Alex Hough
 Bryce Robinson
 Cooper Punch
 David Hubbard
 Jacob Anderson
 Jayden Atkinson
 Jun Sugio
 Kaleb Christensen
 Kipp Thrupp
 Lachlan Woodall
 Matthew Finn
 Michael Francis
 Paul Hubbard
 Regan Weatherhead
 Shane Kenny
 Tyler Gaddes

Coach: Mick Evans


 Alyssa Ferns
 Britt Wilkinson
 Courtney Davis
 Georgie West
 Grace Dixon
 Jade Reid
 Kyra Livermore
 Laura Spandler
 Madeline Kenny
 Morgan Gallagher
 Morgan Mathison
 Renee Ashton
 Sarah Steinhardt
 Shania Myers
 Vada Thaggard
 Zali Gough

Coach: Matt Cook


 Andie Griffin
 Eliza White
 Emma Dixon
 Fiona Laybutt
 Hannah Astbury
 Jade Smith
 Jesse Reid
 Jill Gohdes
 Kaitlyn Collyer
 Keeley Walker
 Laney Belle Smith
 Madeline Denny
 Sevella Agnew
 Tatum Stewart
Cassidy Knuth
Sienna Campese

Coach: Jodie Kenny


 Alexandria Risetto
 Amity Humphreys
 Elise Condon
 Genevieve Ferguson
 Jessica Frater
 Jordan Bliss
 Jordn Office
 Lauren Deldot
 Madeleine James
 Mekenzie Hermann
 Natarlia Smith
 Olivia O'Brien
 Rhiannon Baxter
 Ruby Harris
 Savannah Trapp
 Tiara Dutta

Coach: Amy Ryan


 Annelyse Tevant
 Briana Suey
 Bridget Carkeet
 Chelsea Baker
 Chelsea Bodimeade
 Dayle Dolkens
 Demi Walker
 Ella White
 Emily Witheyman-Crump
 Estefania Pastrana Badaraco
 Jade Bartholomeusz
 Jessica Moffat
 Liv McArthur
 Sarah Cochran
 Sienna Graham
 Sophie Edwards

Coach: Jeff Lancaster


Player Nominations now closed

The draft will occur no later than the week of the 11th July 2022. 

All player nominations will form the draft list. The draft list will be shared with appointed coaches. Coaches will then select their team from the list. Each team will play in a round robin competition over three days with the finals on the last day.

This Event is the selection competition for the Mens and Women’s Blaze Squads that will compete in the 2022 Hockey One Season.

The nomination fee of $75 is to be paid on nomination and will be refunded if a player is not selected in the draft.

*Please note, due to the draft process, not all athletes that nominate will be selected to compete in this event



Hockey One Rules apply for this event.  4 x 15minute quarters, 2minute break between Q1 & Q2 and Q3 & Q4, 5minute half time.

Field Goal Conversion opportunity for every Field Goal and Penalty Stroke awarded during field play is scored, the same athlete will have an automatic one-on-one shootout with the goal keeper for the chance of an extra goal.

Round Robin with Final and Classifications in Men’s and Women’s Competitions.

CLICK HERE for Policies and Procedures (updated 29 June 2022) 

Come and watch the best of the best and Queensland's rising stars fight it out for a shot at Brisbane Blaze selection, bragging rights, and a share in $4,000!!

Entry is FREE all weekend!

Big Hockey Hit Out Coaches 2022

Women - Rays - Matt Cook

QLD U/21 Women's Coach
Aust Men's U21 Performance Analyst
International Level 3 Coaching Certificate
Toowoomba Hockey Regional Coaching Manager

Men - Rays - Anthony Farry

USA Field Hockey Womens Head Coach 2020-2021
Japanese Women's National Team Coach 2017 – 2020; took the team to the 2018 Women's Hockey World Cup
Head Coach of the Canadian Men's Field Hockey Team from 2012-2017

Women - Reef - Jodie Kenny

Over 200 Games for Hockeyroos
Sunshine Coast Hockey Regional Coaching Director

Men - Reef - Blair Brown

UQ Division 1 Mens Head Coach
Player with the QLD Blades
Player with the North QLD Barras
Played in European League

Women - Stingers - Amy Ryan

Accredited FIH Level 3 Coach & Coach educator
Hockey Australia Advanced Coach
Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Movement Science
Member Development Manager at BWHA
2020 Hockey Queensland Pathway Coach of the Year
QLD U18 women's and QLD U21 womens’s Assistant Coach

Men - Stingers - Ben Fitzpatrick

QLD U18 Assistant Coach
Regional Coaching Director of Gympie Hockey
HA Level 3 Coach

Women - Thunder - Jeff Lancaster

2022 Valley Hockey Club Premier League 1 Coach
Chair of the Queensland Under 18 Women Selection Panel
Chair of Hockey Queensland Coaching Committee
Mental Performance Coach for Hockey Queensland and University of Connecticut Huskies (USA)
Coached Division 1 Men and Women on the Sunshine Coast, winning 4 premierships in the past 7 seasons

Men - Thunder - Mick Evans

Coach QLD Blades 2015 - Gold Medal
Lead Coach Uddingston Hockey Club - Scotland
Coach Northland Hockey - New Zealand NHL
Coach North QLD Barras